25 Concert Studies Book 2 op 26 By Milde

25 Concert Studies Book 2 op 26 By Ludwig MILDE (1849-1913)

Transcription for Bass Clarinet

Ludwig MILDE (1849-1913) studied bassoon at the Prague Conservatory with Vincenz GROSS until 1867, then for three years he completed his training in music theory and In composition. After two years used the Opera of LINZ he was bassoon solo in various orchestras of Prague. From 1885 to 1894 he was a bassoon teacher at the Prague Conservatory. Considered the principal representative of the Czech School, his studies are now indispensable to the repertoire of bassoonists and that is why they are very interesting to work the Bass Clarinet. I decided to keep some studies in the original bassoon tone as it would be too difficult for bass clarinet.