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The arranger is a top musician who has a solid background in music theory and whose job it is, from a melody with or without accompaniment, to enrich it by adding more instrumentation and / or the melodic and harmonic enrichment of existing melodic lines. The arranger was above all a good musical ear and a strong sense of composition and instrumentation.

I propose:
Arrangement of your songs in all styles: building a support around a melody or improvement and / or enhancement of an existing support, as needed. Piece arrangement provided with score and tablature PDF (printable) listenable midi file, mp3 or AIFF
Arranged pieces are sent as midi file and partition + tablature pdf email
In order to make the arrangement of your songs, I need their score / tablature format pdf, xml, MusicXML (.xml) or midi file (.mid)
If you do not have partitions or midi files, I can make myself a transcript of your songs from your song to wav, aif or mp3.
You can send me the partitions, file tabs or south by email.

Rates on request per project with bills



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